Jody Graff is truly living out his dream

 He hunts more than 100 days a year and spends the rest of his time getting ready  for hunting season. For Jody, conservation and stewardship are a way of life that is both challenging and extremely rewarding. As a habitat development authority, he has become a respected voice in the waterfowl and hunting industries as well as in the buying and selling of rural recreational properties.


A native of Brookfield, Jody knows north Missouri, it’s diverse landscape and unique hunting opportunities. Growing up, he spent most of time outdoors. Without a doubt, hunting and fishing with his dad and brother are some of his fondest childhood memories.  After graduating college with a degree in Safety Management, moving back to north Missouri for family and the exceptional hunting opportunities was a big priority for him.

While working as a safety engineer in a corporate setting, he trained gun dogs, planted food plots and managed water levels in his free time. Developing hunting properties gained him hunting privileges on private lands and diversified his hunting opportunities. It was during this time that a spark was lit.


Jody forged his passion for hunting, habitat management, and conservation into a career when he formed Graff Habitat LLC. Jody hung up the suit and tie and is now responsible for the management and development responsibilities on more than 6,000 acres in north-central Missouri. Absentee landowners and club owners trust him to provide sound advice for the long-term vision and development plans for their properties.

Realizing there was yet another way to assist his clients, Jody obtained his real estate license and partnered with Trophy Properties and Auction in Ballwin, Missouri.

 The evolution from planting food plots, to providing a comprehensive management solution, then to real estate was a very natural progression for Jody. The experience he has gained while developing hunting properties is invaluable for buyers and sellers alike. Identifying the highest and best use of a property, developing and marketing the vision, and finding the right buyer for a specific hunting opportunity comes second nature to him. Seeing a property reach its potential is a lot of hard work and takes time. But getting a finger on the pulse of a property and watching it grow is gratifying and a “labor of love.”

 Jody lives in Moberly, Missouri with his wife Sarah, whom he met while advocating for a national wildlife refuge to elected officials. They have two young daughters and Jody is already sharing his passion for wildlife conservation with them. He looks forward to a lifetime of enjoying all that the outdoors have to offer with his family at his side.   

Tim Crockett, PE

“Special thanks to Jody and his professional staff of knowledgeable experts.  Jody and Graff Habitat have turned my timber covered cow pasture into a hunting paradise.  They have been able to reverse decades of neglect and abuse and create a desired environment teeming with wildlife.  Jody understands that not every property is the same and that each tract requires specialized treatment.  Whether it’s the creation of food plots, timber stand improvement, prescribed burning, or edge feathering, Graff Habitat has the knowledge and know-how to make your land a place where wildlife wants to be.”

Mark Schell, Diamond Duck Club

“What I like about Jody, is he develops a long term vision for each piece of property with the property owner. Also, he is flexible enough to adapt to specific challenges the weather may present from year to year, month to month or week to week. His communication and follow up with property owner is excellent”

Dr. Jacob Krehbiel

“I purchased an old duck hunting property in north central Missouri that was run down and needed a lot of work. Water control structures were rusted out and the levee system had been completely compromised. Graff habitat helped guide me through the process of developing a wetland plan and then putting that plan into action. Jody was on time and when he said he was going to do something, he’s a man of his word. He’s a duck hunter, who knows what waterfowl want in a wetland. Phase 1 of my wetland complex is complete and we will be starting phase 2 this summer. I have been extremely happy with Graff habitat and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to renovate an existing wetland or build a brand new one.”